• AJAY INFOTECH, Front of Yogeshwari Primary School, Gangane Complex 2nd Floor, Prashant Nagar, Ambajogai-431517


Course Name Duration Syllabus
C PROGRAMMING 50 Hours Introduction & History, Datatypes, Constants, Input Ouput, Program Structure, Decision, Repetition, Case Control, Function, Pointer, Array, String, Structure, *File Input Output
C++ PROGRAMMING 45 Hours Object Oriented Introduction & Features, Inline Function, Default Arguments, Class & Object, Constructor-Destructor, Inheritance, Polymorphism, this Pointer, Function & Operator Overloading, Overriding, File Streams
Core Java 50 Hours Basics of Java, Data types in Java, Variables, Constants, and Literals, Methods in Java, String, String Buffer, Array, Class Object and types of classes, Modifiers in Java, Constructor in Java, Inheritance, Interface, Polymorphism, Vector class, Random class, Packages in Java, static, final, this, super keyword, Java Thread, Exception Handling in Java, Input Output Stream, Applet
Advanced Java 45 Hours Applet, AWT, Swing, JDBC, Networking, JSP, *Mini Project
Python Basic 40 Hours Python Features, Syntax, Decision Making, Repetition, Operators, Function, List, Tuple, String, Set, Dictionary, OOP Features, Class Object, Constructor, Inheritance, File Input Output, Packages, NumPY
Android Basic 45 Hours Basics of Android, UI Widgets, Activity, Intent & Fragment, Android Menu, Layout Manager
Advance Android 4 Months Android Service, Data Storage, SQLite, XML & JSON, Content Provider, Android Notification, Multimedia, Speech API, Telephony API, Location API, Android Zoom Animation, Device Connectivity, Sensor, Android Graphics, Android P2P Communication, Android Web Services, Android Google Map, *Project
.NET(C Sharp) 45 Hours .net Framework Fundamentals, Language Basics C#, Programming Fundamentals, OOPs Concepts, Implementation of OOPs in C#, Types, Objects and Namespaces, GUI Form, Windows Controls, Events, Data Validation, ADO.NET Programming, Mini Project
PHP 45 Hours Basic HTML, Essentials of PHP, Operators and Flow Controls, String and Array, Creating Functions, Reading data in web pages, OOPs Concepts, Working with databases (PostgreSQL), Web techniques, File handling, *Mini Project
AutoCAD 60 Hours Introduction of CAD, Units Concepts, UCS Icon (User Co-ordinate System), Draw, Editing & Display Commands, Modify Commands, 2D Mechanical Drawing, Dimensioning 2D Plan, Properties of entities, Text & Text Style, Hatch pattern style, Gradient Pattern style, Layer Management, Drawing & Modify Commands, Introduction of 3D Concepts, Civil / Mechanical / Architecture 3D Drawing, 3D Orbit, Render, Material, Light, Plot
Tally 60 Hours Tally ERP, Basic Accounting, Inventory, Import & Export, B.R.S., Service Tax, GST
DTP 60 Hours CorelDraw Graphics, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Internet Upload Download, Email, Printing Technology, Scanning
MS-Office 45 Hours MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Outlook, MS-Access (Database System), Internet
Webpage Designing & Developement 5 Months Introduction to Webpage, How to create webpage, Templates, Creating text based webpages, Design web layouts, Creating webpages with enhanced graphics, Web Programming, Content Editing, Web Developing, How to upload website, Advanced layouts using tables, Image mapping, Creating Forms, Working with frames